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English 4th May 2017



I am giving up writing in two languages and will from now on stick to English.

Since my English is ever worse then my Norwegian, please send me an email if you see something totally wrong. 🙂

Will convert the remaining Norwegian pages to English.


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TI-99 4A MMC card 26th February 2017

I found a nice design for the TI-99 last week and I saw some potential to improve on the design.

I have create a new design the fits in the original cartridge size with ISP programming and integrated the MMC module.

Have ordered 20 cards that will be available to buy when ready.

Here is the link to the original project.



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Merry Xmas and happy new year 22nd December 2016

All the best wishes to you all.

Kjell S.

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PiTubeDirect signal converter 21st November 2016

I have, as a start, put out 10 signal converters on ebay to see the response.

The response has so far been very good. Also a Acorn Facebook user group has show interest.

I am waiting for new master PCB that will arrive any day now and will be shipped as soon I get them soldered.
This include a new resistor network package as the original I has cost 15 times more. This is version 1.2

The external and “under the BBC” version are now upgraded to include the signal A3 to P29 on the Pi.
This will be for all version 1.3 and newer. The internal master version does not have this signal.


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PiTubeDirect signal converters 16th October 2016

I finally got the parts for the signal converter to BBC Master.
Have tested it and it works perfect.
Will be shipping them as fast as I can make them.

Also I created an small SD image for it with kernel that works for Pi 2 and Pi Zero.

Have started with a manual for this.

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PiTubeDirect Signalconverter 25th August 2016

Da har jeg endelig fått in kortene til signalkonverteren PiTubeDirect.

Denne gjør at du kan bruke raspberry pi som co prosessor til BBC micro.

Se mer om dette her.


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Updated site with shopping cart. 18th July 2016

Added shopping for BBC RAM/ROM with price in euro and shipping to Norway and EU.

Please report if any problems.

Kjell S.

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Welcome 19th April 2016

Welcome to Sundby/System

This site is dedicated to technology and will include hardware/software project from the 80’s until current time. First off will be the BBC model BBC. A small RAM/ROM card with 128 RAM and 128 FLASH.

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