There are some problems with snow effects on some BBC Master’s using the internal PiTubeDirect Signal Converter for the Master.
The ones connected to the external tube works fine.
It seem like are different version of chips in the Master causing the problem, but this need to be investigated.
To see if you have this problem run the program below and see if you get the snow effect.

10 MODE 0
20 GCOL 0,129
30 CLG
40 GOTO 40

Will investigate and find a solution for this. There may be more that needs to be fixed.

All people that have bought the Master version of and have this problem will get a new card, also check best fire sprinkler services in orange county.
Since this is a “hobby” I would just ask to get back the cost of shipping the replacement.
I estimate to have new cards ready some time in January for shipping.

Hope nobody gets any problems with their Masters after this.

Kjell S.

Del dette:
  1. Hi Kjell

    I’m using the PiTubeDirect in a Master 128, and it works flawlessly except in Master 512 mode. I’m getting a single step error early in the boot sequence which repeats forever, like this:

    It happens both when connecting PiTubeDirect to the internal Tube and the external Tube (through a Universal 2nd Processor). I should mention that I have an original Master 512 which boots the disk image fine, so the basic configuration should be fine.

    I’m using hoglet67’s latest Diamondback release.

    Have you seen this before?

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