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The PiTubeDirect Signal Converter enables you to connect a Raspberry PI processor board to BBC.
It can then emulate the different Coprocessors that was available in the 80-90’s.
It can run CP/M, MS-DOS, Pandora and the PI arm in native mode at full speed.

The Signal converter is available in three versions.
Master version that fitting inside the BBC Master. Can be used with all Pi’s
External version connected in tube via flat cable for BBC B,B++ or Master. Can be used with all Pi’s
Under in tube version connect direct in tube under the BBC B,B++ or Master. Only for Pi Zero.

All boards is usually available from a small stock and shipped within 2 day.

This is the external version in KIT form for DIY.

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  1. Hi can you fit me a 10k resistor on the pi tube direct for my bbc model b so when disabling the copro in cmd line=14 because my bbc boots faster than the pi the 10k resistor will slow or pull down power on the pi before the bbc boots.

      • Hi ive bought a pi hat from you in 2008 and on my bbc model b when switching on whether pi is active or not I have to press break once to get basic screen ive been told the bbc is booting too fast so fitting a resistor will sort this out as some bbcs do this most dont but in my case the model b I have I have to press break in boot even if the pi is not activated in cmd line =14

  2. Hi,
    The Pi should get it power from the BBC. I cannot see how a resistor will fix this,
    What version of the ThePiTubeDirect are you using and what type of Pi.
    There where some problem in the beginning with Pi Zero and booting to slow. But this was fix in later version.

    But I will send you a resistor.

    Please send your address to me at my email.

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