Matchbox sized 6502 / Z80 / 6809 BBC Micro Co Pro


Found a very interesting  project at A multiple BBC Micro Co-processor made in FPGA matchbox size that fits under the keyboard.
It emulates the following:

  • 4-32MHz 65C102 with 64KB internal RAM, Runs all Tube comp software including Elite
  • 8-112MHz Z80 64KB external RAM, Run all BBC Z80 software including CP/M
  • 16Mhz 80286 896KB external RAM, Runs Windows 3.11
  • 4MHz 6809 64KB external RAM, Runs BBC programs and FLEX
  • 16MHz 68000 ( 1MB external RAM, TG68 core)
  • 32MHz PDP11 ( 64KB internal RAM, PDP2011 core)
  • 32MHz ARM2 ( 2MB external RAM, Amber23 core)
  • 32MHz 32016 ( 2MB external RAM, m32632 core)

All is switched via dip switch or star commands.

Links to information:
WebShop (Currently out of stock)
Code on Github
Information (home)

I have borrowed some picture and hope to get my hands on it soon.

IMG_1086 IMG_0821 IMG_0796 IMG_0797


Del dette:
  1. Hi Kjell,

    I’m Rob Trouw and I’m living in the Netherlands. I noticed you’re selling now and then a “Matchbox sized BBC Co Pro”.
    Can you send me a mail if you have your next batch to sell. I like to buy one for my BBC Master 128 computer.
    Thank you up front.


  2. This may be a bit rude, but anyone selling a complete BBC Master with the Matchbox sized BBC Co Pro, I was brought up with the Beeb and now feeling very nostalgic,

    Also looking for upgrades and improvements, like HDMI, sideway rams expansion kits and the like,

    • Hei,

      Jeg jobber med en annen version som er enklere og bruker Compact Flash. Trenger litt info på hvilken krets som ble brukt. Hvis du har noe info til meg hadde jeg satt pris på dette.

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