Matchbox sized 6502 / Z80 / 6809 BBC Micro Co Pro


Found a very interesting  project at A multiple BBC Micro Co-processor made in FPGA matchbox size that fits under the keyboard.
It emulates the following:

  • 4-32MHz 65C102 with 64KB internal RAM, Runs all Tube comp software including Elite
  • 8-112MHz Z80 64KB external RAM, Run all BBC Z80 software including CP/M
  • 16Mhz 80286 896KB external RAM, Runs Windows 3.11
  • 4MHz 6809 64KB external RAM, Runs BBC programs and FLEX
  • 16MHz 68000 ( 1MB external RAM, TG68 core)
  • 32MHz PDP11 ( 64KB internal RAM, PDP2011 core)
  • 32MHz ARM2 ( 2MB external RAM, Amber23 core)
  • 32MHz 32016 ( 2MB external RAM, m32632 core)

All is switched via dip switch or star commands.

Links to information:
WebShop (Currently out of stock)
Code on Github
Information (home)

I have borrowed some picture and hope to get my hands on it soon.

IMG_1086 IMG_0821 IMG_0796 IMG_0797


Del dette:
  1. Hi Kjell,

    I’m Rob Trouw and I’m living in the Netherlands. I noticed you’re selling now and then a “Matchbox sized BBC Co Pro”.
    Can you send me a mail if you have your next batch to sell. I like to buy one for my BBC Master 128 computer.
    Thank you up front.


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