BBC microcomputer Model B is one of the most well design computer ever made.

It simplicity in hardware and superb design OS and basic is unlike any other system I have seen in the 35 years I been into computers.

I have got hold of 3 BBC model B and bought some new hardware to it.

Britain is big on retor systems and many things can be found on ebay.

Added a IDE/USB/1MB RAMDRIVE and now I have all software that ever came to BBC on a USB stick accessible direct from the BBC. (Thanks to Mark Haysman,

It is difficult to get a screen this day to fit, but it was simpler then I thought.

Bought I used old LCD tv with SCART and VGA and vola it work perfect on my BBC, Amiga and Dragon

I was very please that the Amiga worked because I remembered how difficult it was to get I monitor back then because of every monitor only supported 31KHz (VGA) and not 15KHz

I have decided to share all my work and software found in this pages.

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