I bought an ReCo6502Mini from John a while ago that I did intend to use in a BBC model B. But as time went on, it ended up in a Master I bought before testing it.
I was trying out the new project call PiTubeDirect which is a Co processor emulator for BBC micro.  In time of writing it emulates 140Mhz 65C102, 80×86, ARM2 and 32016.
But after trying and failing for a few days I needed to check if the Tube worked at all, so i connect up the ReCo6502mini with a lot of wires and turn it on and volila it work just as it on the Master.

Have not been able to test Elite yes but need to swap it all to another BBC B to test.

Here is the pinout and cable work.

Pictures of the work

20160624_091019_001 20160624_091002


Fig of pinout and cabling.

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